• Life and Work:

COE Jonathan, Like a Fiery Elephant, The Story of B.S. Johnson (2004)

— Introduction B.S. Johnson, The Unfortunates, 1999.

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For reviews of Jonathan Coe’s Like a Fiery Elephant:

STEVENS Andrew, “Fuck All This Lying“, 3:AM Magazine, July 10th, 2005




  • In translation:

In Polish:

More information on Nieszczęśni (2008) (Polish title for The Unfortunates) here.

Watch a presentation of the book-form of The Unfortunates in Polish on Liberatura.


In French and published by Quidam.

1.  Translation of Johnson’s fiction by Françoise Marel:

R.A.S. Infirmière-Chef (2003)

Christie Malry règle ses comptes (2004)


Albert Angelo(2009)

Les Malchanceux (2009)

2.   Translation of Jonathan Coe’s biography by Vanessa Guignery:

B.S. Johnson, Histoire d’un éléphant (2010)


  • Book-length studies of B.S. Johnson:

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